MANDY DADSWELL, psychotherapist

Positive resilience
& wellbeing

Developing positive social and psychological wellbeing for children, teenagers, adults, families and schools
UKCP accredited child, adolescent & adult Psychotherapist.
Clinical Supervisor. BACP member.
I draw upon the latest psychological mind related science and research giving successful outcomes in my work.
Every day you have a choice; stay the same or change
Applying evidence-based practice in psychotherapy to promote and develop healthy minds, resilience
and wellbeing.

One-to-one therapy sessions for children, teenagers and adults offering coping strategies to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Supporting families who struggle to communicate. Using both individual and family group work to enable better communication and understanding.
For parents, families and teachers, as well as clinical support for trainees and qualified therapists - to develop well being and academic success.
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