Helping families to thrive and grow
Family therapy
(Sessions are on hold due to covid-19)
Supporting families to build upon their strengths and address adversities
A family doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be united
Strong families are not families without problems. Functional families are not the opposite to dysfunctional families. All families face challenges, but some families are better equipped to deal with them than others. Having a close-knit and supportive family provides emotional resilience, social wellbeing and increases overall health.

Psychotherapy can help families overcome difficulties, making them stronger and healthier.
Family sessions in a comfortable
and confidential environment
Working with families who feel their communication skills have or are breaking down. These sessions work with parents/carers and children/teenagers to find more affective ways to communicate. They bolster self-esteem and confidence and help to create healthy harmonious relationships.

In these sessions you will:-

  • Gain a better understanding of family patterns and dynamics
  • Consider healthy boundaries
  • Explore practical tools to try out with family communication
  • Discuss how to create honesty between family members
  • Identify sources of tension and stress within the family
  • Learn how to reduce conflict
Never give up on someone with mental health... when "i" becomes "we", illness becomes wellness!
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