If you have a teenager, you are probably familiar with the feeling of being disrespected. Your teen rolls their eyes, sighs deeply, no longer laughs at your jokes, goes straight to their room and closes the door, and/or seems to argue with you all the time. You feel triggered, your once-compliant child is becoming a stranger or your parental authority is threatened.

Your teen develops a desire to run their own life and make their own decisions, but they're not yet an adult. Decisions you need to make accumulate:
  • When can they go out without supervision?
  • What media can they use and when?
  • When can they have sleepovers, go to parties, or date?
  • Are they doing their homework?
  • Are they getting enough sleep?
  • Should they be spending more time with the family?

It can be difficult for parents to understand why their teenager is occasionally behaving in an impulsive, irrational or dangerous way and why they don't fully consider the consequences of their actions. However, there is a biological explanation for this difference. This workshop helps parents to understand what is causing this behaviour and provides advice to help them support a smoother transition into adulthood.

During the workshop you will:
  • Understand theories of teenagers' cognitive, emotional & social development
  • Explore insights into neuroscience & brain development theories
  • Learn why teens display risk-taking behaviour
  • Develop an understanding of emotional issues adolescents may face
  • Learn how to help adolescents build resilience & find coping strategies
  • Explore practical tools to try out with teenagers
  • Learn how to manage conflict & communicate better

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