Birth and the early years
Birth and the early years are two separate workshops but can be incorporated into a running program.

The Birth workshops can be delivered privately or in a group setting. Packed with copings skills & techniques, they are designed to enable a smooth, confident, controlled & fearless pathway through the birthing process.

Raising a baby, especially for the first time, is both exciting and challenging. It is a time for developing bonds that will last a lifetime, building self-esteem and helping to create the ability to relate positively to others. It is also the time for parents to begin to discover who this new person is, to understand, respect, support and encourage each child. Children go through distinct periods of development as they grow from infants to young adults. During each of these stages, multiple changes in the development of the brain are taking place. Environmental circumstances and exchanges with key individuals within that environment have a significant influence on how each child benefits from each developmental event.

Ages and stages is a term used to outline significant periods in the human development timeline. During each stage, growth and development occur in the primary developmental domains, including physical, intellectual, language and social-emotional.

This workshop is designed to help parents understand their child's brain and body changes during each period, so that they will be able to provide the necessary support, encouragement, structure, and interventions. This will help them to support their child's progress through each stage as smoothly and successfully as possible.

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