Child psychology and mental health workshop - the secondary school years
Between the years of your child entering and leaving secondary school, great changes will occur. You will witness physical, mental, social and emotional changes.

The secondary school years are one of the most important times in a young persons life. Celebrating your child's school highs is important – but so is being aware of signs that your child might be having problems. If you pick up on school problems early your child has a much better chance of getting back on track.

Challenges in adapting to secondary school life, getting to know the school, timetables, teachers, meeting new friends, academic pressures, managing timetables and homework can be difficult enough without having to deal with puberty. Then there are neurological changes that a growing child has to contend with. Parents may witness behavioural changes that are difficult to understand.

A teens' behaviour is highly correlated with the strength of bonds with their parents. Good relationships between them are positively correlated with school success and general happiness as rated by the teen and also those around them.

This workshop offers evidence-based strategies, resources and techniques for building positive mental health and wellbeing in teenagers. It gives parents the tools to help their teen to grow in self-esteem and resilience enabling more productive learning and affirmative life skills.

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