Transitioning from primary to secondary school
Transitioning from primary to secondary school is a major milestone for children and parents. Apart from dealing with a place where children will have some of their greatest challenges, successes, failures, and embarrassments, it comes at a time when development is at one of its most crucial stages.

When students change class within or between schools, they must adjust to new surroundings, become familiar with new teachers and peers, learn new ways of working, and make sense of the rules and routines that operate in their classes.

While students are navigating the formal school environment, they are also adjusting to the social changes that happen when changing schools and classes - a child's transition from primary to secondary school can be complicated by the social, emotional and physiological changes that can negatively impact on their learning.

Research suggests that there was a strong correlation between the extent to which students experienced difficulty following transition and their likelihood of dropping out from education. Other research indicates that poor transitions impact on students' wellbeing and on their achievement in the future.

The transitioning from primary to secondary school workshop adopts a responsive and solutions-orientated approach to being prepared for and working through issues that might come along, when transitioning, for both children and parents.
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