Workshops for parents, teachers & schools

Communication solves problems & improves personal development
Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success
Interactive and practical workshops that draw on both early relationship theories and modern ideas of neuroscience to understand and improve behaviour and communication.
The workshops support parents and teachers to help young people:-
  • Grow in confidence and resilience
  • Co-operate and communicate more effectively
  • Try out new things and persevere
  • Do well academically and socially without undue pressure
Group workshops in a comfortable
& confidential environment

  • Relaxation techniques for babys arrival
  • Baby bump bonding & communication with your newborn
  • Ages, stages & communicating 0-5 years
  • Pre-school development & parenting tips
    • Practical steps parents can take to improve their child's mental health
    • Learn about the growing brain
    • How to communicate effectively & get the most from your child
    • Managing conflict
    • Exploring social media habits/addiction
      • Supporting your child through big changes
      • Preparing your child for secondary school
      • Preparing yourself for the move to secondary school
      • Secondary school; the early months
        • Practical steps parents can take to improve their teens mental health
        • Learn about the teenage growing brain
        • Communicate effectively & get the most from your teen
        • Managing conflict
        • Exploring social media habits/addiction
        This workshop offers practical advice & tips on how to help young people with many of life's challenges including:

        • Dealing with hormones, physical & mental changes
        • Friendships
        • Understanding boundaries
        • Social media pressure
        • Managing conflicts
        • Exam stress
        • Individual or group supervision
        • Integrative approach
        • Support with assignments & assessment
          Workshops that empower schools to develop & deliver wellbeing provision
          for pupils, staff & the whole school community

          Delivered safety in spacious areas or via internet platforms

          • Helping children, families & school staff settle back into school safely during the COVID-19 pandemic
          • Strategies to reduce anxiety, promote resilience & good emotional health
          • Increases student engagement
            Strategies to reduce challenging behaviour, improve learning outcomes and increase student engagement.
            Create space for your team to explore their own wellbeing, gain strategies & solutions to develop positive mental health & reduce stress.

            These workshops Introduce a range of strategies & resources that increase the capacity to support pupil mental health embedding wellbeing into the classroom, curriculum & ethos.
              Workshops that enable schools to develop & provide targeted early prevention programmes for pupils at risk of developing mental health problems.

              Also offering training & resources that enable pupils to lead wellbeing support for peers in their school.

              Working with schools and parents to support vulnerable/struggling young people.
              When 'I' becomes 'We", illness becomes wellness!
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